Monthly Archives: February 2015

Where have the days gone!



As always, when we get to Thursdays…it seems like the week just began but this time, the
week has gone and so has the month almost! I have done much this week but I have not recorded
any of it here on the blog universe so today, I am feeling a little bit of guilt!

Oh, well, it’s done!

A beautiful day!



It’s a beautiful Sunday where I am and I rejoice in greeting another morning! Last night before I fell asleep, I thought about my week. I had a productive week which was spoiled only a little bit by an email I received from someone I believe is suffering from a borderline personality disorder but has never been diagnosed. As I am always the one to apologize for things I haven’t done and then feeling like I’ve been bullied into the process, I feel deflated and diminished by words that should really not even touch me.

So, I mull things over, know that I haven’t done anything wrong and accept that the discomfort I feel because I am NOT going to apologize is nothing more than the manifestations of feelings resulting from actions that I don’t usually engage in.

But all in all, it has been a learning experience and since this is the year I decide which relationships I will keep and which I will set aside, it will be interesting to see what develops going forward.

And we live another glorious day!

A belated Valentine’s



Valentine’s came and went and I celebrated quietly but blissfully. My new
guitar is just perfect and although last week was a busy one and I didn’t make
the time to fully practice as I ought have, I am determined that this week will
find me picking it up more often so that my teacher and I can move on to another tune!

The days have gone quickly. My food consumption was a little bigger last week as a
result of house guests but I cannot berate myself about it and I am going to have a
better week next week even though it will continue to be as busy as the last week.

I hope everyone is having great days and my intention to write every day has more or
less resolved into writing two or three times per week. Perhaps this is a more realistic
expectation of myself since I have taken up two more time-consuming but enjoyable projects.

Where do the days go?



I have always been a bit of a ham! I think it began at a very young age when I realized I was very good at making people laugh and that when I made my Mom laugh, it made her forget I was chubby! I worked hard on being as silly as possible and frankly, even as an adult, I enjoy the sound of laughter coming after I have said an unplanned funny remark.

These days, I am busy with a couple of radio shows (talk and music) and I find that it is an amazing
experience but a lot more work than I originally thought it would be. So I have neglected my blogs and it has recently occurred to me that I am spreading myself a little thin…everywhere but my body! and so, off I go but not before I dash off these tiny two paragraphs and wish myself a good day!

And here again is Monday!



It’s summer where I live, although the kids will be starting their school year next week!
And here it is Monday again! I cannot believe how quickly the days are ending and yet at the
same time, it is what happens each and every year. Most people have put away all their
holiday things and are moving on to the next thing.

As an event planner, I am looking forward to Valentine’s day to see what new products and ideas
are out there!

I hope we all have a good week!