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After Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving has come and gone! It is amazing how one day turns
quickly into a week, a month, a year and soon we will be greeting

I have remained committed to my “healthy eating plan”, having lost
25 lbs. and then reaching a not-surprising plateau which then led
me into not tracking, not trying, not caring…

A couple of days after my last post, a family member died unexpectedly.
I think at that point, rather than properly deal with grief, I became a bit
numb and stopped even attempting to diet. I gained a couple of pounds.
Although I was tempted not to share that information, I decided that the
best thing to do is own up to it, admit that my participation or lack of it
is what caused the weight gain. Not beat myself up, rather understand
and decide that one of these meals would be the one that would make me
get back on the straight and narrow, if you will…

Enter November…still that couple of pounds not gone and now I decided
on the spur of the moment to join my pal who was participating in this
years Nanowrimo! Since writing is really all I care to do, even though when
I am about to sit down to write, I always find something more compelling…
I decided to give it a go. The challenge is to write 50,000 words in one
month, a novel…no, I am not going to finish the challenge, perhaps I will
make it to 20,000 words, I am pretty close, but the experience has been so
worth it. I have learned a lot about myself during the month and I am not
going to give up on the story I am writing because I have become invested
in it and in my characters.

So, November and Thanksgiving added another pound, so I lost 25 added
3 for a net loss of 22 lbs. in 2018. I cannot say I am disappointed. I still need
to lose another 30 lbs. but I have 2019 to look forward to. God willing!


A slow road ahead but doable!


Today was my dad’s birthday. In his honor I made a wonderful lunch, gathered some
friends and family and went to his house armed with plastic plates, cutlery, etc. (to save
clean-up) and we had a blast. My niece took some lovely pictures which were later sent
to me…I have said it before, I cannot accept the person in those pictures as being me…
it is just bizzare. I feel like the normal weight person I was for so many years but pictures
reveal something else.

You know how so many people try to make one feel better by saying, Oh the camera adds
ten pounds, you’re not really that heavy
? Well, I look at everyone else in the picture and
can confirm that how they look in the picture is exactly how they look in “real” life…so it
stands to reason that what I look like in the picture is also how I look in real life.

After almost one month of pretty much tracking my food and staying on the program, I have
lost 4.4 lbs. This is wonderful news, I am not taking anything away from that, obviously I
am on the right track. There is no reason to believe I won’t continue to lose modestly but
lose just the same and that by this time next year, I will be that normal sized gal (or close
to it again. I now have to lose 31 lbs. instead of 35 lbs. and I think that’s great. If I lose
4 lbs. per month, I will do it in less than one year…and who knows, I might actually get
closer to what I really ought to be losing (about 50 lbs.) if I stay on track. As I said, there
is no reason I can’t stay on track, the WW Freedom plan is really just that.

Aside from the project weight loss (which is my priority), I also intend to really work on
two other priorities: making real advancement on my writing AND making a proper small
garden to replace the haphazard weed plot I currently have. I think these three priorities
for 2018 are feasible and I am eagerly anticipating being able to accomplish them. Right
now decluttering is also important but it is no longer my priority. I have lots of room and
feel great, one bag at a time to work on is marvelous and I will start with that.

My very best wishes for all of us for 2018. free to use image

A good week of eating!


It’s been about 2 weeks since I started on the Weight Watchers Freedom Plan. I
have to say I am having a great time. I know that my goal to lose the weight has to
go slowly or I won’t be successful and there is no reason to rush it really, I have no
weddings, showers, birthdays etc that I want to look good for. Heck, earlier this year
when I did have important events, I didn’t even give it a second thought (dieting!) but
something happened the last time I looked at a picture of me that I just couldn’t recon-
cile with! It’s wonderful to have photographers who are not looking to take a picture of
one with the “best angle” in mind. The picture was so unflattering (and yet accurate) that
I deleted it from the cloud and everywhere I could but it was the defining moment for me.

So far, I have lost probably 3 or 4 lbs. but since I have a scale that is in kilos rather than
pounds, it is difficult to determine to any exact figure. However, the proof is in the fact
that my clothes fit a tiny bit looser, after all, at my height, even 3 lbs. is quite significant.

I met a few writer friends for a small and lovely holiday celebration and I am happy to
say that despite eating (tiny portions) a variety of holiday foods, including marzipan
stollen, I was able to stay on track. It feels great to be back in control and I am confident
I can maintain the rhythm. My goal for 2018 is to be in good physical shape so that I can
go on television and see pictures of myself without asking “Who is that?” public domain picture.

A quiet Sunday morning!



I usually observe Sundays by spending the day quietly, reading, writing and enjoying
the lack of obligations I make for the day. Although I don’t write in this column on
any specific day, I do write another blog every single Sunday and have for the last
eight years. It is a commitment and although I consider myself a writer (without any
books published or money stream generated by the activity), I find that I spend very
little time actually writing than I do researching or finding ways to not do any
writing because I am second guessing myself all the time.

A friend of mine passed away recently. His dream since I met him 15 years ago was to
be a filmmaker. He went so far as to lay out the entire script every time we met up for
coffee or a chat. Finally, one day, I asked him why he didn’t just go ahead and make
his film already, on a low budget if need be, but do it already!

He and I shared a birthday so I could understand some of the traits that made him unable
to just go ahead and film something (procrastination, paralysis by analysis, etc.) and
I eventually gave up on expecting something from him to really materialize on the big or
small screen. Still, his death was a blow to me and all of us who knew him because he was
only 62 years old. The saddest thing for me is that he died without every externalizing
his script, without making a family, without a circle of real friends who knew the deep
personal anguish he was living on a daily basis.

I feel sad today, but in a way his death has caused me to think about getting down to
business and really pounding out my novel, the book I want to read, the character I want
to create that will make people fall in love with the story. And of course, I still
want to continue to live, take care of my plants, my pets, my family (not necessarily
in that order) and of course enjoy all the things my life is offering me. I am the only
one responsible for making sure my work and thoughts get out there. They may never be
best-sellers but they need to be out there and read by others, not in my head and heart
and dying with me. free to use image

Last day of 2016!



I begin this last entry of 2016 filled with some nostalgia; the year that ends has been filled with many losses. I suppose that can be said of most years but this year, I lost an aunt and two of our four furry friends! One was 15, the other 17 1/2. They died almost four months apart and it broke our hearts.

The many thoughts I have had this year about food, portions, calories, the scale, the dress for my son’s upcoming wedding, etc. seem senseless when compared to other people’s really heartbreaking tragedies and I have found myself feeling selfish and superficial about stressing and losing energy over nonsense. I believe I am a much wiser woman as I end the year and begin 2017.

All of us are focused on making those lists that we hope will contain items we can master during the year. I am happy that I have my good health; that at my age (61) both my parents are still alive; that I have a wonderful group of friends and close relatives that I know I can count on when I need. I will devote 2017 to daily meditation, 15 minute sessions of decluttering, writing with the intention of publishing or being paid for my work and a great deal of fun!

May all of us enjoy the good things in life while we can. Let us take a look around and notice the little things in our life that bring us joy. For me, it is glancing at the horizon and finding myself enveloped in the layers upon layers of mountains that surround me; feeling the warmth of the breeze as it brushes past me; gazing on the emerging flowers of my many African Violets and knowing myself in good health and loved.

Happy New Year!



holiday-beach-39831284851825ZDyB (1)

I will retire next year when I turn 62! It is a decision that took me a bit
of time to make but one which I am glad I have taken. This means that I will
get out of the pro-bono community work I have been doing for the last +20 years!
I feel a little guilty, knowing I have many more years and many more ideas to feed
to the county but I also feel it is time for someone else to have the chance to
improve life around here as I have tried to do for years.

Now, of course, I am left with the task of finding things I can do. I will no
longer have the excuse of “working” to procrastinate on writing my “novel”…well
maybe not novel but certainly some uplifting and inspiring non-fiction especially
geared to the ever-increasing aging population.

Ah, what a relief!

Picture free to use image

Kindness begins with me



A few years ago, I read a(nother!) weight loss book in which the author talked
about how much weight she once gained that forced her to wear one sundress for
many months as it was the only thing that fit her. These days, I am often a little
scared to go into my closet to look for something to wear that won’t pinch or
look tight (we already know I can’t stand to feel tight clothes on me). Naturally,
I get very upset with myself for allowing this to happen, remembering how nice it was
so many years ago to pick anything from the closet without apprehension because all
the clothes in there fit me well.

Those days, I was working a 9 to 5 job, eating regular, low-calorie meals and generally
having my work ‘cut out for me’ on a daily basis because I had more structure in my
life. After I stopped working outside the home and had my children, my habits and
routine changed but I still managed to stay at a healthy weight and felt pretty
good about myself.

These days, I think constantly about what I am putting in my mouth, knowing full
well whether they are good calories or not such good calories and almost challenging
my body to maintain its weight while I overeat! Although I learned early on in my
life that fad diets don’t work for me and rarely try any gimmicks, sometimes I am
tempted to just stop eating for a week and see what happens.

Today, though I decided to be kind to myself and to honor the chubby body that has
been supporting me through thick and thin (sorry about the pun!) instead of being
nasty to it. Yes, I have a muffin top, but nothing hurts me and I am able to do a
lot of things that younger, thinner friends can only dream about. For today, I choose
to be kind to me.


Another Gorgeous Sunday!



I got a little lazy and repeated a picture on this post but that’s because
Sunday is a day of rest and I realized suddenly that I hadn’t posted at
all this week and felt a bit like I had let myself down.

So that’s all I have to say and tomorrow is another day and another chance
this week to make up for all the lost days of writing on this blog!

What a beautiful day!



Sometimes thinking hard about the direction our lives are taking is a very good thing.
I have been guilty a good part of my life of doing everything to please everyone in the
hopes that when all their stuff is taken care of, I will have time to make a bit of
progress on the personal projects that I long to devote myself to. As a consequence,
I have not made real inroads into the avenues I long to walk.

Yesterday I received a surprise call from someone who in the past has taken up a great deal
of my energies and then dismissed the importance my input had on her life and projects in
a positive manner. After many months of not hearing from her, she called to ask me to do
something major (for free, no doubt) using one of my personal brand’s respected publications.
I know that in the past I would have reluctantly agreed because I did not want to be seen as
petty or immature or selfish. Something changed in me yesterday and instead of the knee-jerk
reaction (and acceptance) I actually held my ground and spoke clearly and coherently about the
many reasons I did not find the ‘offer’ enticing. Good for me!

Why try to blog daily?


flower-publi-domain-picture (1)

On the subject of health, nutrition, diet, resolutions, etc. I find that it is helpful to blog every day or every other day. I find that it keeps me accountable and aware of what I am putting into my mouth and why. If I miss a day of blogging (or journaling, if you will), I find that it is easy to close my eyes to the reality that I might be consuming more [empty] calories than I really need to. Knowing that I will write about my experience on a daily basis really does keep me conscious of what I am doing and that is something that I really need when I am watching my food intake. I am not into scolding myself when I overeat, but I am certainly aware of it and can decide in the moment whether the extra hershey kiss is really something I want.

Flowers and nature make me happy. With all the turmoil and chaos that is presently going on around me, I find that nature and its absolute steadiness calms me. When my eyes rest on the flowers of my African violets (which bloom more often these days since I transplanted them into a coconut fiber medium), I feel grateful and certain that the cycle of life is still present.

I am happy that I met my personal goal of logging in today.