Monthly Archives: April 2015

It’s been a while!



It’s been a while since I wrote and the reason is terrible! I completely forgot my resolve
to write every day or at least every couple of days!

I have been traveling so that could be an excuse. I have been very busy so that could be another
excuse, but really it boils down to not making the time to sit and just do it.

My hair is out of control. It is thick, curly and rather long but I insist (and my loved ones
do too) in keeping it. I am trying new ways to moisturize it so it doesn’t grow as they day
goes on but I think I am finally accepting the fact that in order to have the beautiful tresses
I so desire, I will need to just spend time trying things out.

It is really funny. All my life, I have tried to not pay that much attention to my physical looks, relying on my memory of being reasonably attractive (if overweight) and just looking in the mirror in the morning when I dress and getting on with the day. It is amazing how often I see people check themselves out in any kind of object that reflects their image and I never really understood the obsession!

Anyway, I am trying different products and reading all different advices and will report on what I discover.

The last few days have found me not craving any particular food or drink, in fact I have to
remind myself that I need to eat. Not that I am on any kind of a starvation diet or anything, it is probably the fact that I am away from my husband who has become my favorite chef and I never have to think about making food…now that I am traveling and on my own, I find that I want to do other things beside think about the fuel my body reasonably needs to get through the day.

That has been a discovery!




I had a lovely but very busy week. During the week, I was asked to give a speech
to over 200 people…I had prepared, speaking in front of an audience is not a problem
for me, especially when I know my subject well, which in this case I did.

Although I had been warned that I would be required to don the institution’s ‘uniform’
(blacks slacks and a polo shirt), I thought perhaps they would forget about it since I
was not officially employed by them! Alas, just minutes before I had to take the stage,
I was asked to change into the polo shirt that was provided to me. I took a look at
it, my expert eyes scanning the width to gauge just how snug it would fit, sucking it up
and bravely changing. Well, snug it was and because the podium was much taller than I am,
I had to take the microphone off and be right in the center of the stage. My talk went
well, I could hear the spontaneous laughter I prayed for and I received my round of applause
just before I got off the stage. A couple of days later, I received a picture which I
dreaded…and then found it was just a picture, not the judgment I felt. No one remarked
about how ‘fat’ I was or how ‘tight’ the polo shirt was and as I lay in bed that night, I
could not shake the feeling that it is only me who notices and continues to hang on to the
weight because I focus on it too much…

Just rambling and praying for a day when thoughts of excess pounds will not fill all the
idle minutes of my days. Thankfully, I keep myself too busy for many idle minutes but
there they are!

Easter Sunday!



Although I am not there right now, my favorite thing to do in New York in April is take
a stroll down Park Avenue and look at the gorgeous tulips that have so carefully been planted
in the beds for the pleasure of passersby. I admire the organization that continues to fund
this wonderful planting each year and I am grateful each time I return and can experience it.

It is Easter Sunday, a day for renewal, rejuvenation and lots of good food, including chocolate
for every taste. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and I look forward to a week with
many activities and opportunities for growth.