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Almost June…



The birds are singing, reminding me with their urgency how time flies and that I
really should go shower and get ready to meeet the day ahead. It is Sunday, a day
for relaxing and taking it easy…but Monday, June 1st is tomorrow. Another month
in 2015 is ending.

I feel comforted that my weight loss goals are at least and at last heading in the
right direction. Although I have been consuming too many cashews (they go down so
easily, not like almonds!), my eating has been moderate and I don’t feel hungry or
deprived. Every time I wear a formerly un-zippeable pair of pants, I am elated
and proud of my progress. To be honest, I don’t feel like I am a food addict, rather
that I lost my way for 15 years and allowed unhealthy habits to become the norm in
my routine. 2015 is the year I turn 60! It is perhaps also the year I will lose
weight and gain many more things!

A great Sunday for us all and a wonderful productive June!



Photo 5:30:2015

I was sitting on my terrace perusing a website that included over 100 titles of ‘summer
reading’ books! Suddenly, it began to pour and loud thunder permeated the environment.
I am still sitting on my terrace but now I am surrounded by complete and intense rain
in spite all the greenery.

Summer? Not where I live, we call this our winter, although our visitors prefer the
term “the rainy or green season”.

There is something almost magical about it, Nature has its routines and so do we. I
have happily completed week 3 of my eating plan and although we were not supposed
to weigh ourselves, I did and have lost more than 8 lbs. I can’t wait for the rest
of the year, perhaps this is the year I finally and permanently lose the weight that
is keeping away from hosting a television show!


A positive update!



I’ve been following a food plan that eliminates (added) sugar and starches…and of course
alcohol! After an initial ‘withdrawal’ (not unlike a caffeine withdrawal) that lasted a couple
of days, I find myself actually enjoying the plan and having a wonderful time following it. No
calories to count, no food to measure or weigh and just using my body’s signals to know whether
I am hungry or full. So far, I am delighted with the results. Although we are instructed NOT
to weigh or measure ourselves, I know enough about myself, my discipline and will-power and about
dieting…so I have weighed myself…so far in two weeks I have lost almost 7 lbs. This is
quite unheard of for me, a person with very slow metabolism and a record of losing from 1/2 to 1 lb.
per week on any diet I have ever followed.

My confidence in my ability to regain my normal weight this year has been spurred by this
success and I don’t feel hungry, deprived or desperate for the weight to come off miraculously
without effort on my part.

A world filled with Color!!!


landscape 1

I guess I’d better just resign myself to writing regularly, whatever that word means
on a particular day or week or month. Trying to write each day (in this blog) is an almost
impossible goal given the way my days’ agendas become crowded so quickly.

I have been having a very good few weeks, eliminating any added sugar from my diet and
eating lots of fruit, vegetables and proteins. It is supposed to be nutrition to eliminate
the indigestion and acid reflux resulting from overeating and although I did experience
the headachy feeling (like caffeine withdrawal) in the first two or three days, right now
I feel fantastic and have no cravings for sugar, bread, rice, etc. I believe I have lost
some weight but since that is not the initial/only reason for the change in meal plans, I
am not too concerned about that. My clothes are fitting nicer and that makes me feel good,
to say nothing of the ‘personal, private triumph’ that knowing I have not reached for the cookies,
chips or chocolate is!

Let’s all have a great day and week, celebrating a world filled with color and wonderful