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Last day of 2016!



I begin this last entry of 2016 filled with some nostalgia; the year that ends has been filled with many losses. I suppose that can be said of most years but this year, I lost an aunt and two of our four furry friends! One was 15, the other 17 1/2. They died almost four months apart and it broke our hearts.

The many thoughts I have had this year about food, portions, calories, the scale, the dress for my son’s upcoming wedding, etc. seem senseless when compared to other people’s really heartbreaking tragedies and I have found myself feeling selfish and superficial about stressing and losing energy over nonsense. I believe I am a much wiser woman as I end the year and begin 2017.

All of us are focused on making those lists that we hope will contain items we can master during the year. I am happy that I have my good health; that at my age (61) both my parents are still alive; that I have a wonderful group of friends and close relatives that I know I can count on when I need. I will devote 2017 to daily meditation, 15 minute sessions of decluttering, writing with the intention of publishing or being paid for my work and a great deal of fun!

May all of us enjoy the good things in life while we can. Let us take a look around and notice the little things in our life that bring us joy. For me, it is glancing at the horizon and finding myself enveloped in the layers upon layers of mountains that surround me; feeling the warmth of the breeze as it brushes past me; gazing on the emerging flowers of my many African Violets and knowing myself in good health and loved.

Happy New Year!

A Christmas Message



Merry Christmas everyone!

It is hard to believe six months have passed since my last blog entry here. Every so often, I receive a notification that someone liked or is following this blog and I feel terrible that I am neglecting my commitment to write here every day!

Christmas is here, the first one where my husband and I really alone together, a bittersweet reality that invites soul-searching and meditation. These are two really important elements in a person’s life and I am glad that I have a lovely home and time to sit and contemplate what our past has been and the plans we have for our future. Our children are all grown and although they are still young enough to need us, it is not in the way they needed us when they were toddlers, children and teenagers where more physical exertion was the norm.

We did not decorate for Christmas! It is the first time that I can remember, although we did purchase several lovely poinsettias that adorn our front porch. Our children will arrive with friends in the beginning of January. I admit I miss the seasonal aromas of food and pastries cooking. I miss the laughter and banter as we got the house ready for the throng of people we invited in years past to share the day with us. But I will not miss the tedious task of ladders and boxes to put away!

Wishing everyone a Christmas filled with love and bounty!