Monthly Archives: March 2016

Where has all my energy gone?



Time is going quickly. Today is Easter Sunday and I feel that I am not fully prepared
for the end of the month coming again!

Where is the time going? Why is my resolve to write every day a mere thought each morning.
I am constantly writing in my head but somehow it does not translate into anything on this
blog, it leaves me the minute I sit down to type it. If I could get it together to record
on my phone, that would probably be a very good thing.

One week remains, well not even a week, but almost, of March. I have just returned from
a trip to an island nation that had me walking for many miles each day. In addition, there
was not plentiful food of any kind in my area so I was put on a sort of food plan that allowed
me to lose 3 to 5 lbs. without even thinking of it. I have come home with an idea of letting
go of the fight, of eating when hungry and eating what I want. So far, the weight has not
made its way back on to my body, so I am hopeful. I also think that I would like to write a
book of my own on the struggle of weight loss and why calories and movement are really the
ONLY things to watch…all diets will work given enough time.

Have a good week all…

A month gone by, really?



Wow, it hardly seems possible that almost a month has gone by since my last entry.  But that is exactly how life goes, before you know it, the day is gone, the week is gone, the month is gone…well, you get the idea.

What has transpired for me in the last month? A lot of soul searching which usually takes me to the same thoughts, over and over again.  I am determined to stop this crazy cycle but before I know it, my thoughts (the same negative ones) invade my space and keep me from doing what I know I need to do in order to: write my book, lose weight, and declutter my beautiful home.

I go away for a week next week and I am very excited.  Hopefully this week will find me doing some of the things I know I need to in order to get ready for my adventure.  I need to remember to go to the bank, to pay some bills, to get some money, to charge my camera, to launder and press a few outfits to see me through the week and generally to give myself permission to be selfish…in a good way.

Yesterday’s massage made me aware of kinks and pains I did not really pay attention to while attending my dad and husband on their hospital visits.  Mindfully aware that all dis-ease begins in the mind, I am also determined to focus more on the things that I need and that keep me sane.

As I write this short blog, I am aware of my husband’s soft snoring on the couch nearby.  I am happy that he can rest, his operation has taken the umph out of him and I know that he is too stoic to complain of any pain but I can see clearly that he feels it. I am glad I can minister to his needs, as he so often takes good care of mine!