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It’s Monday!



Monday, Monday!!! The day I do my laundry…and this day what a lot of laundry it is. I
love laundromats because my first passion is writing and laundromats have lots of stories waiting
to be told. Unfortunately, there are no laundromats near my home and the stories remain in my head,
unwilling to come out when I summon them.

I wonder how long it takes other people to write good paragraphs. I try to discipline myself to
write every single day but sometimes the routine of the day keeps me away from my writing instruments.
I am trying very hard to stick to writing here regularly both as a practical thing and also to keep
myself motivated and inspired with my food choice.

It is the middle of the afternoon. I have done more things today than I usually do on Mondays and
that makes me feel good. I long to drink my coffee in a few minutes and while I would love to
have it with one of the scrumptious pumpkin muffins I just made, I promised myself no four consuming for the next few weeks.

My task for today is finished, I feel better already…now to the laundry!

A week of non-conforming


IMG_0012It’s not really funny and I can’t say I feel great about it, but my eating this week has been like a bit of my life of late, somewhat scattered.

I will be more disciplined today and tomorrow I will head for the pool to do my laps and get back into the wonderful routine of eating, exercising and organizing my life. But today I will take it easy and not fall prey to the desire to berate myself for not ‘being good’…

Where are all the fans?



I have two radio shows…not sure why I signed up for that challenge, it is really
much more than I can handle at this point in my life. One of my shows is in Spanish
and it is mostly talk and mostly me…the other is in English, mostly music and very
easy to put together.
The Spanish hour has been a very time-consuming effort and since I sponsor myself, it
has not been cheap either. I am at a crossroads 6 months after having started and I feel
that I need to scale back (or eliminate) something because my time is severely limited
and I have added things instead of downsizing…

Where are all the fans who said they wanted to hear me on the air? What am I doing on this
medium when I haven’t got a clue as to where to go from here…

All questions that need to be answered before I make my decision : Do I stay or do I go?

Another good week!



I had another excellent week, completing my goal of eating no sugar or junk food for
an entire 30 days! Now that I have begun to add the odd chocolate piece of cake or
candy, I feel I don’t really need to consume as much of that kind of food as I did
prior to making this personal challenge!

I feel great and look forward to continuing my journey back to my normal weight. The
goal is closer than it was a month ago and it makes me feel good because I have found
respect for myself and my resolve!

picture from




It’s a good day for reflecting quietly on what has been my month. Tomorrow completes
the 30 day period of my eating plan. I know I have lost some weight and my clothes
fit better. I have many months to go before I actually make my goal weight but I am
(for today) not obsessed with my eating, rather I am looking at my habits more closely.

I am happy that I have arrived at the conclusion that I don’t often engage in mindless
eating, rather I engage in eating larger portions of healthy food which for my age, height
and activity level results in weight gain as a consequence of too many calories in and
not enough calories out. This has come as a wonderful surprise, a gift actually since
I can let go of the negative scolding I give myself on occasion.

Tomorrow another day begins and today is a good time as any to celebrate life!

On having a really good day…



I am having a really good day! More than 24 years ago, I married my husband and we
spent part of our honeymoon in a very fancy hotel off New York’s Fifth Avenue. It was
not the first marriage for either of us, so being together every single minute was
not required by either of us. We were both in our 30’s!

My husband went out to get something and left me in the suite where I proceeded to
luxuriate in a long, wonderful bath. Then I ordered fancy coffee and pastries for
the afternoon and I sat on the fancy furniture to enjoy my repast. I remember
calling my mother and describing the suite in detail, right down to the fancy
dinnerware and crystal glasses brought by room service. At one point, I said to
my mother: “This place is so fancy, I feel like I don’t deserve it.” Mom, who was
never one for sentimentality or compliments, replied: “Of course you deserve it,
hang up now and enjoy every minute of the money you are paying to stay there!”

That is the way I feel today. Like everything in my life is perfect and that
somehow I don’t deserve it…but Mom’s voice whispers in my ear, that I do. And
so I am luxuriating in this wonderful feeling of completeness and pray that it
lasts. The hotel has since become a fancy residential building with apartments
going for $30 million dollars! Imagine that!

June 1st!



Today is National Barefoot day! Who knew? My daughter and husband are no
doubt delighted that their favorite way to be has its own day!

I am delighted to be starting another week where I feel good, am looking
forward to a nice, quiet afternoon and have done most of the Monday, mundane
chores, like laundry! Nothing like being productive to set the right tone for
the rest of the week.

Happy June everyone!