Monthly Archives: July 2015

Sunshine Reggae!



The Bob Marley song came on the radio as I began to write this blog today.
I had no idea what to write about since all seems to be going okay in my
life at the moment and I do realize I have almost forgotten I have this

Listening to Sunshine Reggae brought me to the present moment, the lyrics
are simple and repetitive and seemed to inspire a few moments of retreat
from the scoldings that my mind was giving me as a consequence of not having
written in a week. Sunshine abounds in my home today, let me just give it
a little time to penetrate deeply in my soul so that I can have a good day.

In the coming days I will try to remember to sit at my computer and blog more
regularly. It is good to practice for my eventual attempt to actually write
a full-length book. Writing has always been my passion but I have found ways
to keep myself safe from ever having to do it because I fill my days with projects
and activities that take up too much time.

Here’s to discipline and the art of learning to say “NO” to requests and intrusions
that leave me tired and gloomy!

Hobbies and health



I believe everyone should have a hobby they are passionate about and can really enjoy.
When I was younger, I had plenty of time to indulge in my hobby which was reading. These
days I can barely remember when the last time I actually read a good book was…it is a
sad state of affairs.

Nowadays, my life is busy with activity and at the end of the day, I admit all I want to
do is play a few games on my iPhone and go to sleep! I do enjoy writing but I don’t think
of that as a hobby, it is more of a need for self-expression. However, with all the
activities that comprise my regular life and from which I find it difficult to extricate
without feeling like I am letting others down, I find that I push away the writing until
all else is complete. By the time I actually get to sit down in front of my computer, the
inspiration is either gone or severely blurred by everything else that is hanging around
my head.

For today, I will try to play my guitar, and focus on life-affirming happy things.

Noticing our families



I have always been aware of the issues of weight as a result of having been overweight from
birth (+8 lbs. ) and having had a mother who focused on my weight rather than on what might
have been happening for me internally to compel me to overeat. I don’t know when I finally
made peace with the whole idea of ‘diets’ but I do know that I am very aware of calories and
exercise, etc.

I have never stopped myself from being outgoing or doing the things that I enjoy because of
my weight but I do know people whose lives are restricted because of it, either too thin or
too heavy. Although I am currently overweight (though 10 lbs. less than 2 months ago!), I
still like to look nice and I am active in my community and generally interested in the world!

Recently, I have learned that a friend of mine has a child who is battling with anorexia. I
look at my own child and know how anything that makes our children suffer translates to
suffering for the entire family and I am sad for my friend. Fortunately, they realized
in time and are doing what they can to have her admitted to a program that specializes in
this disease. For a person with anorexia, being asked to gain weight is as difficult as
it is to be asked to lose weight when one is heavy. My heart goes out to all of us who
are currently dealing with the issues of weight and body image. One day at a time is all
we can do.