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Signs of spring are everywhere in New York City, even the tiny gardens that have struggled
all winter long so they can flourish now!

Everyone who knows me knows that in my heart, I am a communicator…a networker…a go between.
So if I know this and accept it, I guess it doesn’t make any sense to get upset when people
“hint” that they need my diplomacy to get them from point A to point B with another person, but
I admit sometimes it does upset me.

Sometimes all I want to do is sit at my computer and expand my narrative on my protagonist and
his life so that I can end my novel but instead I look around my home or whatever area I happen
to be in and decide that de-cluttering or making curtains or painting the odd door is really
what I need to be doing. It feels an awful lot like procrastination, a word I rarely use when
talking about myself.

I need to jump in the shower right now, get ready for the day and the arrival of my family to
celebrate a wedding in the next several days. An exciting time to be sure but another way to
distract myself from what I say I want to do: write!

and more on United!


Avalon Reef Isla Mujeres
Quintana Roo, Mexico.

When I first began to write this blog, I thought I would be dealing with weight issues.
I didn’t really think it through and have come to the realization that writing exclusively
about weight issues is actually quite boring and self-defeating.

I am fat. Objective sentence. Writing or not writing about that is not going to change it.
Signing up for the many (last chance! time running out!) specials run by those whose livelihood
is tied up with those that are overweight and not happy about it has not made a bit of long-
term difference in my case. I am an expert in nutrition, I know what has to be done and just
don’t do it. So spending money foolishly is not very smart. And creating a blog page devoted
to writing about it was also not a good idea. However, I do have the blog and rather than spend
time trying to create another blog, I will just expand the topics in this one.

I’d like to continue yesterday’s essay on United Airlines and their current public relations
daily nightmares! Today in the news, we read that a couple traveling to their destination
wedding was also asked to leave the plane. I don’t know about you, but by this time, I have
an inclination to give United the benefit of the doubt. Call me cynical but I think many
will try to capitalize on the current (negative) reputation to their own advantage. We will
never know the whole truth but I hope the newlyweds will begin their marriage without lies
to each other and that they will be able to trust one another after (or if) they were in
cahoots to get better seats to their destination place. Score for United on this one…but
I am sure it won’t be the last we’ll hear about people’s experiences. I am a long-time flyer
with United and have my own share of adventures, but those I’m saving (all names will be changed)
for the blockbuster I will write!

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Flying United!


Happy Easter and Happy 6th day of Passover to all!

I will be flying next week, via United…an airline that has had a large share of
public relations nightmare episodes in the last few days. I was a Continental loyal
passenger for many years so naturally when the United/Continental merge happened, I
continued to fly, and now “the friendly skies”, they said!

As the editor of a small town e-magazine, I poured over every issue of Hemispheres
magazine and even had my children, husband, friends bring me the issue currently on the
plane whenever they traveled to see me. I used it as an example of trends and writings
and topics, always happy to read the Greeting from the CEO, Jeff Smisek, and later was
eager to read what Oscar Muñoz had in store for us. I was surprised and saddened when
Oscar got ill almost immediately after taking the job and happy when he returned months
later. I can’t say I got quite the same “vibe” from his greeting as I used to with Jeff
but I figured not all of us (!) are writers!

The events of the last few weeks, first with the “leggings” and now with the infamous
forced de-planing of passengers have left me speechless (not an easy task). I, like
Oscar, jumped to conclusions early – no doubt fueled by the quick and incomplete reporting
most media sites treated us to. However, I wanted to give United and Oscar the benefit of
the doubt so I kept hoping for a more thorough apology, a more complete investigation, etc.

I made my own investigations on Oscar Munoz…his ailment after taking office was a heart
attack which resulted in hospitalization and later a heart transplant! A heart transplant, I
repeat! That is so major it has taken me a bit of time to digest it. So many thoughts go
through my head, not the least of which is: Why is Oscar working? He is just getting used
to a brand, new hear! Talk about stress. Oh well, each to his own I guess.

I have never really stopped to think about heart transplants but I do believe in energy and
in a mind/heart/soul connection…lots of material for writing about and thinking about.

My upcoming trip was booked for me a long time ago, on first class. I am confident that
I will be able to keep my seat and that United will be able to find other ways to really
uphold the notion that theirs is the friendly skies!

Keep writing.

Picture of United aircraft wikipedia

Work cut out!


“Oh boy”, my colleague exclaimed after she heard my boss’ instructions to me, “you’ve got
your work cut out for you!”

I didn’t give it much thought at the time, I just began my day like always, prioritizing
the many tasks that would have required someone else many more hours to complete and
got to work. I have always been like that, efficient and a hard worker, rarely whining
and never knowing when too much is too much. As a child, in order to stop my mother from
complaining when she arrived home to a messy house and sink full of dishes, I would do my
chores and others that were left undone by my siblings. Peace at all costs was my motto
and something that has been part of my life for as long as I remember. I blame no one,
I have learned over the years that we are all responsible for the life we live.

The last couple of months have seen me drop projects that take up too much of my time.
Surprisingly, after the first few days of guilt, I find I am quite comfortable saying
no and meaning it. Unfortunately, I have not yet become comfortable with the “extra”
time and instead of filling it by sitting down and writing, I look for ways to distract
myself from that daily goal (read: laundry, clearing out closets, reading the paper,
going on FB, etc.) and at the end of the day, find that I still have not advanced very
much on my essays. One of my goals for this year is to write for AARP with a focus on
age-related issues but I need to really focus.

I am glad that at least for the last few days, I have taken 15 minutes to write some of
my musings into this blog. It is a step in the right direction.

Have a great day and keep doing good work!

Holy Thursday


Today is a quiet day in my neighborhood. It is Holy Thursday and in my country, it is observed as part of a very solemn time of the year, Holy Week..

Imagine my surprise today when I found that my office telephone and internet were not working! I placed the call to the server, imagining the earliest day they could fix it would be Monday. Instead, I received a phone call moments later from a technician who wanted to come and see what the problem was. I cannot express how grateful I am to this young man who not only came to see and assess the situation, but also fixed it promptly and provided me with a modem that had built-in wifi, saving me the trouble of having to set up a separate appointment with the office. Things are so good right now I am able to type today’s blog post on my tiny, iPad which I have never been able to use in my office before because I didn’t have wifi and the iPad doesn’t have any possibilities besides wifi for internet!

The only drawback is that my iPad is truly a mini!! A tiny, cute little thing with an attached keyboard which I can never regret getting. At my age (61) I am still enjoying getting to know new technologies. May I always be competent to do so. free to share image

Why did this happen?


More than 30 years have passed since I divorced a guy who was the biggest bully
I ever met; yet every day there is something or other that reminds me I was once
married to him. It’s funny how life works.

Today, I happened to be getting dressed to go out to see some friends. I enjoy
looking nice even if there is nothing special to celebrate, it’s part of who I am.
So, there I was trying to match a pair of knee high trouser socks. The dilemma is
caused by the fact that I purchase many pair of almost (but not quite) identical
color and then rather than matching them up as soon as I take them off and before
they get into the laundry, I spend time afterwards. It usually works out but I was
in a bit of a hurry today so I mentally scolded myself for not taking care of it sooner.
The ex-husbands voice came clearly to my mind. I recall that the first time I did his
laundry (he only wore black socks and of one brand) after we were married, I simply
matched up the socks quickly, never imagining what the next day would bring. The next
day when he put on his socks, one was slightly shorter than the other and he called me
to the room where he proceeded to chastise me for not going to the window and matching
the socks by color, wear, and length. I was too young and stupid to laugh in his face,
I simply complied.

When months later I shared this story with my mother, she asked me why I was doing his
laundry! I admit I got a kick out of that, especially when I recall that my mom never
did my dad’s or her children’s laundry after we were all old enough to do it ourselves!

Live, learn, laugh! I wish I had done so sooner but I’m glad I eventually did get him
gone, gone, gone! If it hadn’t been for that memory today, I would have nothing to write. free to use and share image

Writing every single day!


I live in a beautiful, tropical country that has a lot going for it. My home is in
the rural part of the country but every so often I venture out to the “concrete jungle”
that is not so concrete because it is surrounded by palm trees and mountains. I absolutely
thrive in the tropics though I can understand fully when people say they are not as
productive as they are when they live in North America or anywhere that the seasons do
eventually become harsh!

Yesterday I went to the city in the company of two of my friends who wanted to celebrate a
recent accomplishment of mine which was to terminate a local e-magazine that I had been
editing, publishing and writing in for the last decade. It was a wonderful outing which
made me realize how much of the world I am missing by sitting at home and just trying to
focus on my writing. There is a whole world out there that merits being looked into so that
it might one day add color and character to some of the individuals I write about every day.

Although I do not write in this blog on a daily basis (something I am looking to change), I
do write every single day about something…

Now back to my main character whose profile needs to be revamped, improved or something.
Happy writing to all of you who do so and happy reading to those who take the time to follow
fellow bloggers!

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Posting little but getting lots of visits!?


I spend so much of my time writing, I forget that I have this specific blog to write
about weight issues on. Days come and go and ideas flash into my head but I rarely
actually sit and write in this particular blog. I am not even sure how I feel about that.

I met a woman recently who shared that although she has had a blog for a couple of years
and writes in it very infrequently (like maybe 10 posts in that time), she has had over
60,000 visitors! That figure baffled me so much that I decided to visit it myself. I did
take note of the fact that she was not lying about the number of visitors…skeptical me
though, did think that maybe more than 59000 were her own visits! Isn’t that terrible?

So, I then read the entire post and came away with a feeling that it was a very readable
entry and that perhaps people deserve to read some more of her works. That led me to ask
her about why she so seldom wrote and she replied that she was a good procrastinator and
that the days never seemed long enough to do what she needed to do and then sit and actually
pen something not knowing whether or not it would actually be of interest to anyone who
happened to visit her site.

I am amazed by the number of people in my life who say they want to write and equally amazed
by the number of people who don’t enjoy reading and who rarely put pen to paper to write
sentences, let alone entire paragraphs. My life has always involved words. These days
I wish I had paid more attention to my inner workings and had learned how to draw since I
think I might have a book or two in me that could also contain illustrations, but it is
tough to find an illustrator who actually can get inside the mind and inner workings of an
author to make their drawings match what the author intended.

Well, I’ve done my very best today to put down some words that might or might not be of
interest to those of you who visit on a regular basis. My apologies for the lengthy
absences between posts. My goal has never been money or number of visitors to my blog
but like someone else posted recently, having visits to a blog is extremely motivating.
Being motivated keeps one writing, writing as a daily exercise can only improve content
and delivery unless of course one is a person who shouldn’t be writing to begin with!

Have a great day, thanks for stopping by.

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