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The beginning of Holy Week



It’s always Palm Sunday around our property, we have many palm trees growing around us.
I have had a very sad week, a beloved neighbor passed away and I guess that although she
had been ill for a while, I was not fully aware (or in denial) as to how close her passing
would come. I am grieving for a friend who was warm and welcoming when I first arrived on
the land I now call home. I have many stories that she is in that I intend to make into a
colorful book. Which reminds me that I want to learn how to illustrate things on my own so
don’t have to depend on anyone understanding the crazy concepts my brain often thinks up!

All this sadness and grief makes it very evident for me that I really want to live my life
to the fullest, surrounded by my family and all the wonderful individuals that make up my
circle of friends.

May we all have a Blessed Sunday.

A volcanic erruption!



It’s been a funny kind of week. We’ve had strong winds, horribly ashy floors and countertops
to clean constantly and now while the winds have subsided and the ash is mostly gone, the
weather is very hot and uncomfortable. I wonder if it is really due to climactic change or
if this is just the way our weather will be going forward. A few years ago, the winds were
gone by the end of January. For the last few years we have been well into March with
these unpleasant harsh breezes that make it difficult to rejoice living in this small paradise.
But I am not complaining, better a hot wind than freezing snow and ice. At least at this
time in my life.

I have not been able to keep up my goal of posting once a day or every couple of days.
Life seems to get in the way. Although when I am swimming my laps (slowly) I am filled
with inspiration, when I actually sit down to write, it seems to have dissipated and in
its place I am filled with a bit of anxiety about all the items on my daily list that get
pushed over to tomorrow…and yet as with many people, tomorrow never comes!

My goal for today is to sew the curtains that I long to hang up in my newly-painted
(bright yellow!) office. If I can do that, my day will have been one of tremendous
accomplishment because the next steps to making the space really work for me will be
that much more within reach.

I had lots to write about weight but I think it will just have to wait!

A great day, let us all have.




We recently entertained a couple in our home for a few days. When I weighed myself
(with one eye closed) this morning, I confirmed what I already could feel. I gained a
couple of pounds…

Last night while watching television, I was surprised and disgusted with myself for my
reaction to a rather large weight gain by one of the actors on the show who has
recently had a baby.

So, we have both gained weight. Objectively, it is not the end of the world. In my case,
I decided that I need to eat normally for a few weeks and hopefully get back to the previous
(and still too high) numbers on the scale. I swam my laps, so far have been ‘good’ with my
food and look forward to an afternoon and evening of normal portions and healthy food. The
actor will no doubt be able to get back to her exceptional figure by hiring a trainer and
someone who can make her food. I am not sure which of us is luckier…I guess I am, my
weight [problem] is not of interest to anyone but me. I feel for her as I can see my own
plump face reflected in pictures and mirrors, millions of people are watching hers.

Objectively, it is a question of accepting a reality and dealing with it. Subjectively, it
brings up more emotions and feelings than I can comfortably write about right now.

What a beautiful day!



Sometimes thinking hard about the direction our lives are taking is a very good thing.
I have been guilty a good part of my life of doing everything to please everyone in the
hopes that when all their stuff is taken care of, I will have time to make a bit of
progress on the personal projects that I long to devote myself to. As a consequence,
I have not made real inroads into the avenues I long to walk.

Yesterday I received a surprise call from someone who in the past has taken up a great deal
of my energies and then dismissed the importance my input had on her life and projects in
a positive manner. After many months of not hearing from her, she called to ask me to do
something major (for free, no doubt) using one of my personal brand’s respected publications.
I know that in the past I would have reluctantly agreed because I did not want to be seen as
petty or immature or selfish. Something changed in me yesterday and instead of the knee-jerk
reaction (and acceptance) I actually held my ground and spoke clearly and coherently about the
many reasons I did not find the ‘offer’ enticing. Good for me!

Daylight Savings!



What a way to begin a Sunday. Changing clocks again…it seems earlier each year and
makes me want to jump into action so that my days provide me with all the minutes I need to
get everything I want done! Naturally, I can never get enough done, not for lack of trying, but
after all, the body does get weary and occasionally requires a nap, a rest, some fun!

For today, all is well with my world and I look forward to a new week of blogging regularly
and taking care of myself and the things that are important to me.

This week, I’ll be entertaining friends whom I have just met but with whom I feel a deep and
hopefully lasting connection.

Stream of Consciousness


computerI wonder if it happens to all of us bloggers, or is it just me? I am very inspired as long as I am nowhere near my writing instruments…as soon as I sit down to actually write, all inspiration is gone, gone, gone! So I use various tricks to come up with something…like just now. It seems to me that my most popular blogs have been the ones that I don’t slave over too much, almost like a stream of consciousness that I hope no one reads but that would not be so embarrassing if they did. I think a lot of people actually identify with this kind of stream talking.

I took my guitar lesson today. I was pretty with it and I actually enjoy the fact that I had a guitar custom made for my unique self (short, plump, older!). It is a beautiful instrument and when I can actually get the chords right, it is quite amazing!

Have a great weekend all!