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on death and dying…


I went to the funeral mass of a very endearing 85 year old last week.

A person (almost 85) who has been in my life for 25 years is terminally ill.

All this transitioning makes me think about my own life and my own mortality.

I am not ready to die yet and I wonder if it is helpful to know ahead of time
that it is almost one’s time or whether a sudden death is preferable…

There are so many questions, only each individual can answer them for him/herself
but do we ever really think or talk about it?

Another Gorgeous Sunday!



I got a little lazy and repeated a picture on this post but that’s because
Sunday is a day of rest and I realized suddenly that I hadn’t posted at
all this week and felt a bit like I had let myself down.

So that’s all I have to say and tomorrow is another day and another chance
this week to make up for all the lost days of writing on this blog!




Some days, salad is very appealing…some days, water seems like the perfect
drink. Some days, the appetite is missing but the requirement for nourishment is
present and one must eat. Fortunately I am not attached to any particular type of
food or schedule and feel more relaxed about the ‘fluidity’ of my thinking around
the weight issues these days. So much information is available out there, I think
it is important to figure out the core reason for overeating and that is something
only each individual can discern with real and constant reflection.

For today, I will relax around the house and try to nurture my spirit on this gorgeous

A day to celebrate!



Today is my birthday! An important milestone which I have been looking forward to
reaching for a while. I had originally said that on this milestone day, I would
give up driver’s license but I have since had to amend that statement because my
would-be chauffeur has moved to a big city and is no longer at my beck and call! I
guess I will be driving myself for some time to come.
Senior Citizen Area

Happy Grandparents Day too!

Labor Day


Labor Day

Labor Day in the U.S. is here. A time for barbecues and fun before closing the pool and
getting down to the serious business of facing school, chores and the cold duties that winter

I am always amazed that I was able to live for so many years in this crazy bustling city that
has no patience for obvious newcomers and little time to stop and smell the roses. I suppose that
is why long weekends and downtime are premiums that are pounced on by both young and old in this

I look forward to a lovely Sunday filled with friends, food and the possibility of making wonderful
memories before I get back to the grind that is my ‘real’ life.