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Music as muse?



As crazy as my life has been the last couple of years, I am not sure how sane it was
to think I could do the Nanowrimo this year…but there you have it, I actually did begin
something. Now though, life is getting in the way more than usual and I am at a loss as to
where and how to restart a story I began two years ago. I am sure that back then I knew
exactly where I was headed, now I am not so sure.

Lots of people write good stories, compelling ones that keep us turning page after page.
I don’t really know what made me think I had a cute story to tell, I can’t seem to write
anything at all today.

It is Monday. I did have a busy weekend. I am not at a location where it is easy to
get inspired and I never really considered what a blessing my usual location has been
for gathering material together and putting words on paper. Where I am now is a busy
city where there is lots of traffic and noise of all kinds. Day and night seem to have
no real segregation, people are doing things at all hours.

What music inspires me to write? At the moment, I cannot even decide if reggae, salsa,
classical or jazz is my muse. I guess it’s another delay tactic of my not so sub-conscious!

A belated Valentine’s



Valentine’s came and went and I celebrated quietly but blissfully. My new
guitar is just perfect and although last week was a busy one and I didn’t make
the time to fully practice as I ought have, I am determined that this week will
find me picking it up more often so that my teacher and I can move on to another tune!

The days have gone quickly. My food consumption was a little bigger last week as a
result of house guests but I cannot berate myself about it and I am going to have a
better week next week even though it will continue to be as busy as the last week.

I hope everyone is having great days and my intention to write every day has more or
less resolved into writing two or three times per week. Perhaps this is a more realistic
expectation of myself since I have taken up two more time-consuming but enjoyable projects.