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Monetizing a blog!


I am always saying that “It’s not about the money” but frankly, it’s also not not about the
money. I feel a little guilty but these days I am concerned that money is becoming increasingly
difficult to hang on to and there is something to say for monetizing a blog or other kinds of
writing to build a small nest egg for my “more” senior years.

Long ago I used to subscribe to all sorts of newsletters and websites. I don’t know what made
me do it except that my children were young and my husband traveled a lot so I felt that after
the kids went to bed, there was nothing to stop me from reading well into the wee hours. I did
so for a number of years and then I realized that I was spending an awful lot of time reading
material which wasn’t particularly compelling or grammatically correct so I began the ardous
task of unsubscribing from most of the newsletters. There is one in particular, though, that just
refuses to be unsubscribed from (it’s a writer’s prompt newsletter, not sure what that means).

My journalist friends write about all topics because their employers call the shots. I can write
about whatever I like and while I have never looked to write for pay, I am beginning to look
into it.

More on this topic after I get my head unscattered.

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