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Writing takes priority!


I’ve been taking the 30 day free tutorial on Scrivener in the month of June. I confess it
is difficult for me to learn these complicated (and yes, it’s a little complicated) programs
by reading the tutorial and trying out things. I much prefer to have a youtube video to watch
(which I do and which I have) in place of a real teacher. But since I haven’t got too much in
the way of patience (there’s just sooo much to do!), I decided to put away the tutorial and
just simply start writing.

I think I will purchase the Scrivener after my trial period, in fact, maybe I won’t even
wait until the trial period is over, maybe I’ll just do it sooner. What I like about it is
that now (like in Garage Band), I can actually keep all my “projects” under one roof, if you
will. As a multi-tasker (not always a good thing) and having trouble focusing, I begin story
after story on word, or physically in a notebook, only to later find myself unable to recall
what I named the story or in which of the many physical pieces of paper I jotted down my
ideas. I’ve heard of people sitting and reading or writing for hours and hours but my life
is such that I really haven’t got the luxury of being able to spend many hours sitting in
one spot working on whatever story has inspired me. I am still pretty active in my town so
empty hours to play is a reality that has eluded me up to this point.

Enter Scrivener! Although I have not familiarized myself with every aspect, I can see that it
has already helped me keep a bit organized because I can name and begin writing each project
and Scrivener keeps them all separate and saves them for me until I come back and take another
shot at writing about whatever is inspiring me at the moment.

I have worked with Dreamweaver so some of the terminology and aspects of Scrivener are not
that hard for me to understand. I have always loved technology and have tried to keep somewhat
current in the technological realm. Not like the kids these days who are born with an intuitive
sense of how to work things but not so far behind that it would take too many hours to teach me.
I have a friend who is struggling with learning the Scrivener but I admire her perseverance and
I know that she too will become proficient after a while.

What I am trying to accomplish these days is just to set aside at least an hour a day for reading,
another hour for writing and between 30-45 minutes to practice a bit of guitar. Did I mention I
recently purchased jewel making tools and accessories? Oh, and what about the sewing notions (and
sewing and overlock machines I recently acquired to help out a friend who needed to move? Only
24 hours in a day and I act like there are 37! Oh well. Be gentle and do the best you can with
the hours given each day. The most important thing to do is enjoy life and be grateful.

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No procrastination


It’s a terrible thing to admit but I have always been guilty of putting other people’s
projects, chores, responsibilities, etc. ahead of my own. Now that my children are
all grown up and I have the luxury of many additional hours in the day when I can sit
and write to my heart’s content, I find I look for ways to procrastinate so that by the
time I actually do sit and begin writing, it is time to do laundry, or begin making
dinner, or go out to do errands! In order to get that best seller written (and I do think
I have one in me), I really need to put tush to seat and get going on it.

I’ve been reviewing the many events in my childhood that have made me the person I am
today. #45’s narcissistic behavior mirrors the behavior of many people I have met in
my lifetime, including a sibling and an ex-husband. About my sibling, I remember so
many actions that make my blood boil 50 years too late! It is amazing how some things
stay with you.

I am reading a book about Kabul. Every day life there (for women especially) is so
hard (when compared to the Western world) that I wonder how it is people still go through
the motions each day. For poor, uneducated women, there is little to celebrate, in the
book it sounds as if they are slaves and must do whatever they are told or face beatings,
starvations, humiliation, etc. I pinch myself every day that I have a great life filled
with opportunity and financial security. Even in the darkest days of my childhood, I
cannot recall feeling so put upon and burdened. I hope one day the people there may
enjoy knowing what possibilities exist outside their own dark surroundings and can
somehow find their way to them.

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Writing every single day!


I live in a beautiful, tropical country that has a lot going for it. My home is in
the rural part of the country but every so often I venture out to the “concrete jungle”
that is not so concrete because it is surrounded by palm trees and mountains. I absolutely
thrive in the tropics though I can understand fully when people say they are not as
productive as they are when they live in North America or anywhere that the seasons do
eventually become harsh!

Yesterday I went to the city in the company of two of my friends who wanted to celebrate a
recent accomplishment of mine which was to terminate a local e-magazine that I had been
editing, publishing and writing in for the last decade. It was a wonderful outing which
made me realize how much of the world I am missing by sitting at home and just trying to
focus on my writing. There is a whole world out there that merits being looked into so that
it might one day add color and character to some of the individuals I write about every day.

Although I do not write in this blog on a daily basis (something I am looking to change), I
do write every single day about something…

Now back to my main character whose profile needs to be revamped, improved or something.
Happy writing to all of you who do so and happy reading to those who take the time to follow
fellow bloggers!

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