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Social Media Is Getting Old!


In the wake of how nasty our world has become, I have decided to put a time limit of 30 minutes per day for catching up on my Instagram and Twitter feeds. Naturally, almost every day the five minute left reminder comes up and I comply and do something else until the next day. I find that 30 minutes is enough to get a gist of what is trending on a day, jot down a few notes and then go into my browser to get a fill of whatever that day’s topics are. It works for me and keeps me from wasting precious time that I would rather use for reading, writing or generally living my life.

It is depressing to read about how our day to day existence has come to rely on social media. All those “influencers” do not convince me for one second that their lives are better or more fulfilled than my own. I rather pity them and their constant need to rack up followers and the stress it must be for those influencers to have to come up with daily doses of interesting posts or pictures to comply with the hiring policies of their employers. I wouldn’t give up my freedom for anything in the world. Then again, I have already lived many more years than these young influencers.

It occurred to me yesterday, as I beheld a small infant who is not related to me, that I am living my last decades. As hard as it is to accept that, it has also been strangely motivating and liberating. I am motivated to live my best life and liberated by knowing that I have much control over how I want to live that life. Do I want to continue to volunteer precious free time to causes that will take decades to show improvement? No, I think those days are over for me, and I don’t feel a bit bad about it. I suppose that is the great thing about getting older. It is not that I don’t care, it is that I don’t care enough to continue to spend my time doing work that will be benefitting people whose needs I might never know. Selfish? Well, personally, it is about time I became a little selfish.

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Second day of Christmas



On the Second day of Christmas…and so it goes, and soon it will be the first
day of 2016 and before you know it, half the year has gone by and so on.

It is so important at the end of this year to really get clear on what is of
vital importance to each of us, remembering that life is precious, that we can’t
take anything with us and that our time should be spent doing the things that
make our life worth the time we have.

I just turned down an opportunity to volunteer to participate in a charity event
that is held every year in my town. I don’t feel too guilty about saying ‘no’ but a
part of me does feel a need to explain when honestly like they say in those 12-step
programs: No! is a complete sentence.

Volunteering used to be a huge part of my life, from the time I can remember (grammar
school!) so much so that it became a burden and interfered with the way I felt about
myself and how I was perceived by some members of my family. When the volunteering
was done as an effort for the teams or schools my children were involved with, it did
not feel so bad, but when the efforts were for organizations that only saw me as a
person who would not say no, and was concerned with hurting someone’s feelings, or worse
believed that things would not happen without me (ego!), it was time to take stock and
begin to behave differently. I don’t have a whole lot of spare time (although I do
admit that after our children got to college I have more!) and the little bit of time
I do have I want to spend writing or making my home look as lovely as I know it can be,
or return to my craft hobbies (jewelry making, embroidering, etc.).

It sounds selfish but sometimes in order to be selfless, it is important to be
a little selfish.