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Living with awareness



“You know what they need around here?” she asked me but followed with the answer
before I could ask. “Mirrors, mirrors so they can see how they look. Don’t they
realize how fat they are?”

These words spoken by someone who was close to me cut me deeply and I cannot
forget them as I drive around in my car and see all sorts of unfit men and women
parading around town. I am saddened by the judgement placed on them and wonder
what my friend would say if she could see me walking around with largish shirts
hiding my muffin top most days.

My body has not let me down in the sense that I can hold things with my arms,
can walk with my feet, go up and down with my knees and generally enjoy my
life to the fullest.

I want to live for a long time and yes, I would like to take off some weight, if
only to be able to cross my legs the way I used to and not have pain in my heels
at night from the excess weight. Will this be the year? Only I can decide that,
and only I can go deeply enough into my psyche to figure out what is keeping me
from doing it.