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Proper nutrition and hydration



I am traveling for a few weeks and it has taken me a full day to feel like myself.
It is amazing how the body really does react to proper eating and drinking and its
opposite. On the airplane, I tried to keep myself hydrated but I did have a glass
of red wine which I hadn’t had in a few months…the next day, I woke up and my
left thumb felt uncomfortable. Indeed it was a bit swollen and I knew that proper
eating with lots of good, clean water would soon remedy that situation.

I am very averse to taking medication of any kind but I admit that allergy pills
come in handy when I am in an environment that has lots of toxins as I am right now
in one of the largest and busiest and dirtiest cities in the world. I have lots
of energy which is a good thing because I have a lot to do which includes having
lots of fun with my children!