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Why did this happen?


More than 30 years have passed since I divorced a guy who was the biggest bully
I ever met; yet every day there is something or other that reminds me I was once
married to him. It’s funny how life works.

Today, I happened to be getting dressed to go out to see some friends. I enjoy
looking nice even if there is nothing special to celebrate, it’s part of who I am.
So, there I was trying to match a pair of knee high trouser socks. The dilemma is
caused by the fact that I purchase many pair of almost (but not quite) identical
color and then rather than matching them up as soon as I take them off and before
they get into the laundry, I spend time afterwards. It usually works out but I was
in a bit of a hurry today so I mentally scolded myself for not taking care of it sooner.
The ex-husbands voice came clearly to my mind. I recall that the first time I did his
laundry (he only wore black socks and of one brand) after we were married, I simply
matched up the socks quickly, never imagining what the next day would bring. The next
day when he put on his socks, one was slightly shorter than the other and he called me
to the room where he proceeded to chastise me for not going to the window and matching
the socks by color, wear, and length. I was too young and stupid to laugh in his face,
I simply complied.

When months later I shared this story with my mother, she asked me why I was doing his
laundry! I admit I got a kick out of that, especially when I recall that my mom never
did my dad’s or her children’s laundry after we were all old enough to do it ourselves!

Live, learn, laugh! I wish I had done so sooner but I’m glad I eventually did get him
gone, gone, gone! If it hadn’t been for that memory today, I would have nothing to write.

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