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First post of July

Cluster of colorful Fourth of July fireworks

Cluster of colorful Fourth of July fireworks

I know I’m a little late with the fireworks but the days just seem to slip
by without pause. I live in a place where the 4th of July is just another day
so it’s not always easy to remember. I hope everyone had wonderful holidays.

There is something in the air that doesn’t feel quite right. Lots of mis-
communications are happening in my town and community right now and it adds
lots of stress to my days. All I long for is to be free of hassles and the
responsibilities that came with my life as a young adult, then wife and mother.
Now that my children are grown and I am beginning my “golden years” (60+) I
feel I deserve to take it easy.

Mercury is not in retrograde so something else must be at play!