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Where do the days go?

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I find it hard to believe that my last post on this blog is almost a month old.
Every day, I write at least in one of my blogs (I have five, not sure why except that I feel like every one of my passions needs its own space where I can express things about it). So I have a blog about dogs, a blog about optimism and gratitude, a blog about senior citizens, this blog which is mostly about weight and life issues and then a final one which is a collaborative effort with a few other friends who are also writers.

One of my frustrations has been not to be able (or willing) to take the time to get to my as yet unpublished (because it´s not finished) work of fiction.. Or should I say, works of fiction, since like blogging, I find that I have too many ideas for just one book. Anyway, right now I am working away on a mini iPad that I have not been very nice to…complaining always that it is too small, when in reality, all it takes is a little getting used to. I purchased it about two or three years ago, it was really reasonable. Then I bought a nice keyboard for it, and a case and it is actually working very nicely. So maybe the problem is me, and not it.

Not sure why I went off on a tangent like that except that I felt guitly about not writing in this blog for my faithful followers. I agree that blogging in each site every day is excessive, but once a month is really not cutting it either. Either we put the time in and honor our followers, or we simply go away.

I hope all this rambling hasn´t turned you off. In closing, I would just like to say that although I haven´t been writing here, I have been writing generally, reading also. My weight watchers journey is going strong although I admit that the weight loss is very slow because I don´t feel desperately about it. Of the 50 lbs. I would like to have lost by the end of this year, I have lost 26, so there we are.


Posting little but getting lots of visits!?


I spend so much of my time writing, I forget that I have this specific blog to write
about weight issues on. Days come and go and ideas flash into my head but I rarely
actually sit and write in this particular blog. I am not even sure how I feel about that.

I met a woman recently who shared that although she has had a blog for a couple of years
and writes in it very infrequently (like maybe 10 posts in that time), she has had over
60,000 visitors! That figure baffled me so much that I decided to visit it myself. I did
take note of the fact that she was not lying about the number of visitors…skeptical me
though, did think that maybe more than 59000 were her own visits! Isn’t that terrible?

So, I then read the entire post and came away with a feeling that it was a very readable
entry and that perhaps people deserve to read some more of her works. That led me to ask
her about why she so seldom wrote and she replied that she was a good procrastinator and
that the days never seemed long enough to do what she needed to do and then sit and actually
pen something not knowing whether or not it would actually be of interest to anyone who
happened to visit her site.

I am amazed by the number of people in my life who say they want to write and equally amazed
by the number of people who don’t enjoy reading and who rarely put pen to paper to write
sentences, let alone entire paragraphs. My life has always involved words. These days
I wish I had paid more attention to my inner workings and had learned how to draw since I
think I might have a book or two in me that could also contain illustrations, but it is
tough to find an illustrator who actually can get inside the mind and inner workings of an
author to make their drawings match what the author intended.

Well, I’ve done my very best today to put down some words that might or might not be of
interest to those of you who visit on a regular basis. My apologies for the lengthy
absences between posts. My goal has never been money or number of visitors to my blog
but like someone else posted recently, having visits to a blog is extremely motivating.
Being motivated keeps one writing, writing as a daily exercise can only improve content
and delivery unless of course one is a person who shouldn’t be writing to begin with!

Have a great day, thanks for stopping by.

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