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Another Approach to Weight Management


I absolutely hate anything that promises to be “boot camp”.  I got invited to watch a webinar that was going to tell me all about the mysteries of weight loss or resistance to weight loss…what did I come away with? Not anything I didn’t know already although I did get a good explanation about dopamine and leptin! In any event, I am glad I reserved my space…and actually listened to the entire hour…and waited for the (sales) pitch…

While I was listening to the wonderfully sincere webinar “guru’s” pitch and story …I was mentally wondering how much I would be willing to pay (I am already doing WW at about $23/month). I watch my pennies, $23/month works to $276 with no added expense (unless I want to) for special food, equipment etc. What I want to do is live the rest of my days within a good weight for me…which I once was and was able to maintain for 25 years. I get annoyed that I allowed the weight back on…when the final price came at a price of more than $5000 for a private coach and the group price a bargain at $497 I felt like someone slapped me!

Wow, I am thankful, so thankful today. I know what to do, I need to do it and pay for the rest of this year until I reach my goal and then apply discipline, planning, prepping and NEVER EVER skipping breakfast but also not being silly enough to spend money like this. I am looking forward to getting a gorgeous headboard for my bedroom, many many high quality wooden bookcases and beautiful, colorful clothes to go with my lively personality. My hundreds of dollars can be spent in so many other ways. I hardly will have time to feel deprived, have cravings, etc.

I came away with the same answers I have always had, calories in and calories out, movement, a positive attitude and a lot of common sense. Although I can understand the wisdom of this particular program, I can also see how most people will still not be able to conquer it. Meanwhile, someone else is going on vacation, having a beautiful life on our hard-earned dollars.

What a shame…

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A gorgeous Sunday


I wake up to one of the most gorgeous sights in the world! Sunshine and layers of
green mountains in the distance. It always makes me feel so centered and focused.

I love my life. The older I get and the younger I feel in comparison to others my age,
the more I confirm to myself that having a positive attitude in the face of life’s
vicissitudes is at least half the battle. My life has not been the fodder of  successful
pulp fiction but it has fed the spiritual needs of my family in ways and for years they
have never been aware of.

I have always believed in God. Maybe not the God that is portrayed by an elderly,
thin, long haired, white-bearded man but rather what Jesus embodied, a gentle
long haired  hippy-type guy. Open, non-judgmental and ready to carry a cross for
one when one is simply too defeated to do so. I am not sure why my faith has always
been unshakeable (well, almost always) and it is something that I discuss with no one,
but there you have it, and my (good) life is a reflection of the bounty of blessings that
I receive on a daily basis. Just when I think I cannot go another step, from somewhere,
a strength materializes that I was unaware I had.

I wish more of us could feel the way I do, but short of becoming an evangelist (and the
world certainly doesn’t need another one of those), there is little I am able to do but
lead by example and let my day-to-day existence reflect the inner joy of knowing that I
am never alone no matter where I find myself.

Have a good day, everyone who stops by today!

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