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Action is what counts



I think about writing in this blog every single morning! Alas real life gets in
the way and I can see by the haphazard manner of dates in previous postings that my
intention to write HERE every day has not been followed through.

In the words of Wayne Dyers “excuses begone” needs to be my motto for the rest of
the month. I will not be so concerned about content or depth of thought, just sit in
chair and get a few sentences out. Goodness knows the writing itself does not come
easy but not getting into a chair and beginning is the worst sin of all.

I fancy myself a writer, a collector of stories (short and long) that will one day
appear in book form (whether in print or e-book, I’m not sure!). Then I think about
the illustrations I would like to grace the pages of said book and I begin to think that
I cannot delegate that task to another, thus must learn to illustrate on my own. Then
I laugh at myself for my total lack of ‘reality checking’…with what free time, pray
tell, will I learn to illustrate!?