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Here we are again, Monday!


It’s a funny thing about Mondays. Here in my country people have a saying: Even chickens don’t lay eggs on Mondays! I guess I always have so many things to do…and in fact, I often go out of my way to program things for Mondays just so I don’t fall into the trap of letting its reputation as a weekend spoiler beat me!

I actually enjoy Mondays. My laundry gets done, my hair gets washed (yes, just once a week because it is dry, very curly and very thick…), my sheets get changed and every other week, I get to socialize with people that I serve on a board of directors with for our local Senior Citizens Residence. My do-good facet.

My thoughts at this moment are jumbled. I have so many things I want to get done in the next few hours but the writing muse calls to me and I find myself unable to go from task to task without sitting down at the computer to write a few words before the muse leaves me.

Right now I am working hard to give more dimension to my fictional protagonist who has been largely ignored by me the last six months. I belong to a small writers group and although I was enthusiastic about the character and the group a year ago when we first formed, now time and life have made me place a hold on my emotions. I know a lot of people who put others on a pedestal when they first meet them, it is not something I am predisposed to do. Perhaps it is because my mother rarely took people at face value and unwittingly passed on those lessons to me by way of direct comment or insinuation. I am not sure where I was going with this thinking, maybe a recent comment from one of our small group that we should invite others to join us made me stop and question some motives.

I have been somewhat instrumental for the creation of the group because I stopped publishing a local e-magazine for which some members wrote. I casually mentioned that we could still continue to write, that perhaps a writers group and blog would be a good idea. A member of the group pounced on this and before we knew it we had five members. We recently took a trip together during which some personality clashes were in evidence because of the amount of time we spent together. So today when the suggestion of adding another (or several) writer was mentioned, I am crediting the trip’s outcome as the driving force. Even though it is not my desire to add more people (the more people the more it takes to do anything), I will keep my thoughts to myself and listen to the reasons, the people being considered and the opinions of the rest of the group. As we are in a democracy, I think the majority should win. I can (and will) continue to be reserved, something I learned at a young age from my dad. I am happy about that being one of my strong traits: the best word is often the one not spoken.

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Monday Morning Musings!


Mondays are busy days for me. I do the laundry, I wash my very curly hair,
I have meetings in the afternoon, and today, I actually made an appointment
to have my teeth cleaned! Really? On a Monday? Well, I wasn’t thinking when
I made the appointment but it’s actually a good thing because it will motivate
me to putting a little more energy and less procrastinating into my morning.

I joined Weight Watchers last night so that I could start my week in a good way.
It is not my first time with WW but I am happy to say it is not my 10th either!
I believe I have accepted that I can’t/won’t go it alone. I need the accountability
and discipline that tracking food offers. It’s tough to accept that but going along
with that “mind game” of pretending to be invited to the Royal wedding in May
will have to be my incentive. I need to lose about 50 lbs. really but I am starting
with 30! 43 years ago I lost 35 lbs. in 4 months…probably won’t happen that
fast this time, but I am confident that I can do it.

My husband is away. We have talked about my desire to eat less (we eat pretty
healthily but overeat and snack heavily at night). He does not think it is necessary
but he is not the one who is out of breath from a short walk or have achy joints
every morning (well, maybe he is but he’s not sharing!).

I feel good, eager to see some creative recipes and learn the new “program”.

I hope for a good week. So far, I have eaten one banana (0 points), one cup of
black coffee (no sacrifice since I’ve been drinking my coffee black since 40 years
ago) and I have hard boiled half a dozen eggs to snack on as needed. On my
own, I can be and do enjoy being disciplined about food without being extreme.
The challenge will be when hubby comes back because he is such a great cook!

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November has always been my favorite month. Ever since I was a little girl
in the U.S. I enjoyed the fact that it was still not THAT cold, that Thanksgiving
(and all that wonderful food) was going to happen and that the extra day meant
I could enjoy sleeping in a bit.

About 5 years ago, I decided that I would join NANOWRIMO and try my hand
at getting a novel written by the end of the month. I don’t really remember what
prompted me to do it (sign up, that is). It seems that as soon as I signed up, my
motivation, inspiration, and just “sit down and write” attitude vanished. I wrote
less that November and subsequent ones than I had ever done before. In the
ensuing years, I receive an email (well, many emails) reminding me that it’s
coming up, that it’s here, that there are lots of ways in which I can find the help
I need, etc. and yet nothing really serves as a motivator. Today I read from a person
whose blog I follow that she is afraid of getting published and that’s what keeps her
from writing. Sort of like being afraid of “success” rather than of failure. I am not
sure where I am right now. I have two potential books started but I spend most of
my time reading other people’s works. What’s with that.

I don’t really like Mondays but I do my very best to get through them productively
by taking care of the laundry, trying to organize my agenda for the week and generally
catching up on things left undealt with over the weekend. Today is no different although
I feel like I’m running late. It’s already 1:30 p.m and I have only completed two of the
4 loads of laundry I must get to (changing sheet day!).

Have a good week.

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It’s Monday!



Monday, Monday!!! The day I do my laundry…and this day what a lot of laundry it is. I
love laundromats because my first passion is writing and laundromats have lots of stories waiting
to be told. Unfortunately, there are no laundromats near my home and the stories remain in my head,
unwilling to come out when I summon them.

I wonder how long it takes other people to write good paragraphs. I try to discipline myself to
write every single day but sometimes the routine of the day keeps me away from my writing instruments.
I am trying very hard to stick to writing here regularly both as a practical thing and also to keep
myself motivated and inspired with my food choice.

It is the middle of the afternoon. I have done more things today than I usually do on Mondays and
that makes me feel good. I long to drink my coffee in a few minutes and while I would love to
have it with one of the scrumptious pumpkin muffins I just made, I promised myself no four consuming for the next few weeks.

My task for today is finished, I feel better already…now to the laundry!

Good Monday Morning!



Like most people, Mondays are not my favorite day of the week, therefore I always make sure I have something ‘important’ to do on Mondays. I do my laundry on Mondays because of the household chores, it is my least favorite but one of the most important if I want to keep my home running smoothly.

After taking off a week from swimming my daily laps, I ventured to the pool this morning. I was immediately aware of what happens during my absence: dust covered the table and chairs, the chairs were not neatly placed, the deck was littered with leaves and other debris that the wind had brought and the top of the refrigerator down needed a quick wipe-down. I took care of these little chores before I proceeded to my workout, feeling better by virtue of just a few minutes of elbow grease.

My weekend was lovely, my eating plan is not very strict so I don’t feel deprived and I know that I will probably try to be more careful with the items that enter my mouth. I am feeling good and looking forward to the projects I have lined up for January.

More tomorrow!