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Flying United!


Happy Easter and Happy 6th day of Passover to all!

I will be flying next week, via United…an airline that has had a large share of
public relations nightmare episodes in the last few days. I was a Continental loyal
passenger for many years so naturally when the United/Continental merge happened, I
continued to fly, and now “the friendly skies”, they said!

As the editor of a small town e-magazine, I poured over every issue of Hemispheres
magazine and even had my children, husband, friends bring me the issue currently on the
plane whenever they traveled to see me. I used it as an example of trends and writings
and topics, always happy to read the Greeting from the CEO, Jeff Smisek, and later was
eager to read what Oscar Muñoz had in store for us. I was surprised and saddened when
Oscar got ill almost immediately after taking the job and happy when he returned months
later. I can’t say I got quite the same “vibe” from his greeting as I used to with Jeff
but I figured not all of us (!) are writers!

The events of the last few weeks, first with the “leggings” and now with the infamous
forced de-planing of passengers have left me speechless (not an easy task). I, like
Oscar, jumped to conclusions early – no doubt fueled by the quick and incomplete reporting
most media sites treated us to. However, I wanted to give United and Oscar the benefit of
the doubt so I kept hoping for a more thorough apology, a more complete investigation, etc.

I made my own investigations on Oscar Munoz…his ailment after taking office was a heart
attack which resulted in hospitalization and later a heart transplant! A heart transplant, I
repeat! That is so major it has taken me a bit of time to digest it. So many thoughts go
through my head, not the least of which is: Why is Oscar working? He is just getting used
to a brand, new hear! Talk about stress. Oh well, each to his own I guess.

I have never really stopped to think about heart transplants but I do believe in energy and
in a mind/heart/soul connection…lots of material for writing about and thinking about.

My upcoming trip was booked for me a long time ago, on first class. I am confident that
I will be able to keep my seat and that United will be able to find other ways to really
uphold the notion that theirs is the friendly skies!

Keep writing.

Picture of United aircraft Bing.com wikipedia