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Groundhog day!



It’s groundhog day. Everyone knows this and while I live in a beautiful world that
is almost always warm, I do have many friends who look forward to finding out whether
or not there is more winter in store! I hope the answer was a good one for you today.

Not sure where I wanted to go with this blog today, I am feeling good because I feel
I have my eating under control and will try to discipline myself not to get on that
scale until next Wednesday. The days can sometimes go a little slow but the weeks and
months sure fly by.

I have been doing a lot of research on aging and Florida. It is an interesting journey
as I plan out what I hope the next 20 years of my life are like. I enjoy spending time
with people and I hope that the future holds lots of opportunities to make new friends.
I imagine that as in all other things in my life, if I want something, I am going to have
to go out there and make it so.

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