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Half a month gone…



It is hard to believe that the last time I wrote here was at the beginning
of 2016 and we were mourning Natalie Cole’s passing. Fast forward a few days,
we lost David Bowie, quickly followed by Alan Rickman and Rene Angelil, Celine
Dion’s husband. I suppose as I get older, I pay more attention to the passing
of people whose age is not that distant from my own and it makes me ponder life’s
mysteries and reminds me to be grateful for each day and to live it to the fullest.

My days have gone quickly so far in 2016, I expect lots of visitors and I am
eager to see my little town from the eyes of newcomers. I have my work cut out
for me in the following days because my local monthly publication comes out next
weekend. I am usually a little stressed, making sure everything that needs to be
included gets into the issue, collecting my payments, and editing the work that
is sent to me by loyal contributors. I am thankful that my ability and energy to
devote to this endeavor continues to be high and that the publication has become
a tool for new people coming to town and even the realtors who distribute it to
their prospective clients.

I am not so focused on the food issues right now, grateful to be alive and in a
body that is able to move and support me.

Time to hit “refresh” in life!



I have been indulging in a bit of a blue funk the last couple of weeks
and I really don’t like it.

It has been a hard year emotionally, more than the last two others. I
have spent the last several years remarking on the sad events in my life
and perhaps I am now living the consequences of my own negative energy.
The thing is that I have to ‘be there’ for people and I can usually rise
to the occasion when I need to but I am later left feeling a little
empty, sad, and like a complete fraud!

I am not a fraud, I can usually see the bright side and I wonder if
what is happening to me right now is that I am not allowing myself enough
time and space to grieve my losses. They have been many, and they have
been profound.

It is time to harness some discipline and regain the buoyancy that I and
others expect from me. Life is hard enough.

Let’s all have a good Thanksgiving week being thankful for all the wonders
of our lives.