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Flights of Fancy


Although I occasionally succumb to temporary flights of fancy, most people will tell you
that I am very grounded and steady. I would agree with that description and even though
every once in a while I would like to be able to indulge in some really far out daydreaming,
I very rarely give in to the temptation.

One of the reasons, the major one probably, that I became the one person that could be
counted on to behave as expected is that I don’t enjoy the feeling of insecurity and chaos
that stems when things are not done as they should be. Waking up in the morning in my
childhood home with Mom and Dad going off to work and siblings getting ready for school
with all that it entailed ingrained in me that one of the most important people in the house-
hold was the one that got paid the least and who was recognized rarely. I mean the “maid”.

When I was a young child my parents were able to afford to have two housekeepers because
in my third-world country, labor was cheap. No one gives credit to how smoothly the home
operates when you have someone taking care of the necessary but mundane tasks like
washing dishes, cleaning toilets, sweeping, mopping, making beds, doing laundry, and
ironing! Those were the days!

These days with our children grown up and such, it is easier to keep the house a little more
picked up and ready for company and I am ever grateful for the once-a-week helper who
keeps my floors sparkling. I know we overpay her (in comparison to what our neighbors pay)
but she is content and grateful to have an honest job that provides the little extras for her
family’s budget.

Mondays are tough for me. I do laundry, wash my thick, curly, long hair, and every other week,
I attend a meeting in the late afternoon because I am part of a planning board. Every day, I
say a few verses (prayers, you might say) and get on with my day, but Mondays are particularly
busy and every so often, I ask myself why I haven’t given everything up and just stay inside the
house all week doing what I want: write! Then a little part of me which has a big voice reminds
me that we are all part of one community, that I would not be able to write nearly as well or
about as many subjects with authority if it weren’t for the fact that I am inextricably joined to
a thriving community.

So for today, which is meeting day, I have done my hair, my laundry and will do a little more
writing, practice my guitar chords, and get ready to go.

Live another good day.

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