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Where’s my money?


I own a tiny small business. Among other things, I do event planning and translations.
My ambitions are not great with this little business so I rarely advertise and don’t get
crazy if I am not busy because other aspects of my life are always full-steam-ahead.

Last month, I did a great deal of work though. I sent out my invoices and one of my
clients told me that the invoice needed to be corrected to reflect a different name. As I
was traveling in Europe, I told my client that I would bill them as soon as I returned home
which I did, promptly on September 8th. Now mind you, the work was completed a month
before so according to my logic, the payment should have been “floating” somewhere and
the instruction to deposit to my account should have been immediate.

I am not depending on that money for anything, it is not even that much but I find myself
really annoyed that more and more people are unwilling to pay quickly after a job has been
completed. Perhaps because I know lots of people who do live from paycheck to paycheck I
am very conscious of meeting my obligations promptly. I guess one word of advice to me
is to add interest rates to my bills or demand an advance; neither of those things did I do
with this new client. My accountant just smiles!

Any thoughts?

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