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Suicide Awareness…


                       Communication is king

Avicii’s apparent suicide has left me profoundly sad. I remember that the first time I
heard the song “Wake Me Up”, I had a bit of trouble reconciling the upbeat music with
the sad and haunting lyrics.

I am more than twice his age. My thoughts about suicide have always been very clear.
Just don’t do it. But I have never been in a place so low that it would be a solution that
would occur to me. I have always been grateful for the faith in that “something out there”
that provides the strength I have had in the face of many obstacles and disappointments
that just being alive will bring.

May he rest in peace, finally in a place where nothing is painful. I cannot even begin to
imagine what it must be like for his family to know that this exceptional human being is
no longer available to chat with, to laugh with, to just hug and let him know that they
would help him find peace.

It is sad to know that so many of our talented people are simply not prepared for the fame
and fortune we foist on them with our superficial love. When I was a young girl, I longed
to be like the Supremes, singing my heart out to entertain people but also to feel that I
was somehow appreciated and that I “counted”. My parents never encouraged that side of
me, suggesting that I study for a career that would provide basic funds and then maybe a
little extra for affordable luxuries but certainly not the “Hollywood” glamour that I thought
I craved. My life has unfolded in such a way that I do enjoy a bit of popularity and fame in
my small town and I can attest to the fact that sometimes it is not pleasant to be out with my
husband or family for a nice quite family dinner and have several people interrupt our meal
because they would like to have a word. It’s exhausting. And I am not (1) that famous,
(2) that young or (3) that sensitive.


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A gorgeous Sunday


I wake up to one of the most gorgeous sights in the world! Sunshine and layers of
green mountains in the distance. It always makes me feel so centered and focused.

I love my life. The older I get and the younger I feel in comparison to others my age,
the more I confirm to myself that having a positive attitude in the face of life’s
vicissitudes is at least half the battle. My life has not been the fodder of  successful
pulp fiction but it has fed the spiritual needs of my family in ways and for years they
have never been aware of.

I have always believed in God. Maybe not the God that is portrayed by an elderly,
thin, long haired, white-bearded man but rather what Jesus embodied, a gentle
long haired  hippy-type guy. Open, non-judgmental and ready to carry a cross for
one when one is simply too defeated to do so. I am not sure why my faith has always
been unshakeable (well, almost always) and it is something that I discuss with no one,
but there you have it, and my (good) life is a reflection of the bounty of blessings that
I receive on a daily basis. Just when I think I cannot go another step, from somewhere,
a strength materializes that I was unaware I had.

I wish more of us could feel the way I do, but short of becoming an evangelist (and the
world certainly doesn’t need another one of those), there is little I am able to do but
lead by example and let my day-to-day existence reflect the inner joy of knowing that I
am never alone no matter where I find myself.

Have a good day, everyone who stops by today!

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