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The muse



It’s funny how every morning I have a muse and then it vanishes when
the day’s duties face me! I am a generally happy person but every once
in a while I wish a fairy would come to my home and garden and take care
of all the time consuming tasks that have to be done (weeding, dusting, etc.)
in order for everything to look spiffy!
I walked my property today for the first time in many months. The coffee
plants are suffering because of a lack of rain but even more startling was
to see how everything is looking miserable because the “master’s” eyes have
not been following progress (or lack thereof) in the field. It is time to
suspend some activities and take up others. I feel energized right now and
hopefully that energy will translate into being able to communicate my needs
to the gardeners we employ and pay!

Monday Surprise!



After a few days of feeling yucky, I finally woke up feeling almost 100% today.
So I decided to weigh myself, not sure when the last time was, certainly earlier this
month! A wonderful surprise, my scale registered a 2 lb. loss and I can confess I have
not felt a bit deprived because I am not actually ‘dieting’ just trying to be moderate in
my helpings and healthy-thinking in my choices.

I feel so good for a Monday, Mondays are always tough. But today, I did the laundry, I
did my laps, I just came back from my massage and I have an afternoon with nothing but
good things planned.

I hope the rest of the week feels this great, and why not??