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Musings on the World!


This has become a time of great introspection and change for societies and world enterprises. It is mind boggling to me, as it must be to most “normal” people in the world, that all the supposed corrections (racism, ageism, sexism, disabilities) that have been documented for decades have actually not been implemented because there hasn’t been any follow-up. Complaints by victims aren’t sought out and I suppose they just go on living their lives as best they can.

I live in Costa Rica, a small third-world (yes, let’s face it folks) Central American country that has a law for just about everything one can imagine. However, there is a scarcity of resources to follow progress and the status quo continues. Accountability can’t happen because most infractions are not reported on. For example, the Law for Persons with Disabilities (7600) was approved in 1996, just a few years after the one in the U.S. It follows a similar path and calls for infrastructure improvements (ramps, elevators, parking spots), some of which serve not only people with disabilities but many of us who don’t come under that umbrella. The law required for changes to be completed 18 months after publication of the law in the official newspaper. There are infractions everywhere but it often takes accidents or deaths to happen before anything gets done.

I rarely get headaches. For the last couple of days, I have felt a pressure headache coming on. Right away I decided (like a first-year medical student) that I probably contracted Covid-19. How and where are two questions I can’t answer because I haven’t gone out but that was my immediate go-to reaction. I retraced my steps for the last couple of days and then my husband’s also came under review. I recalled seen him talking to one of our neighbors, distancing but not wearing a mask. The non-panicked side of my personality took over, decided it was just stress, took a Tylenol and now I am having a normal afternoon. My point is that we are all living an existence that has made us acutely aware of aches and pains that we would simply have shrugged off in the past. The time for shrugging things off is long gone. The days of nonchalance will probably never return. But in the meantime, we need to continue to live our lives the best we can.

I volunteer on the Board of Directors of our local Nursing Home. My position is treasurer, a position that has responsibilities for the finances but not really much in the way of the day to day physical interaction with the residents or staff. I had intended to resign my position this June. Circumstances have made that resignation impossible and I will need to continue to stay on the board for a full year longer than I expected to. I accept that. I am proud of the work the staff is doing. In all these months of Covid-19, we have not had a single staff member or resident come down with the virus. This is quite an accomplishment and one that we hope will continue for the duration. Many of our residents have no one else to turn to. We are working hard to maintain and think of new protocols on a daily basis as well as coming up with new and exciting daily projects so that the residents don’t feel the lack of visitors as deeply as they otherwise might.

It is difficult to keep a positive outlook going 24/7 but that is what we all have to summon from somewhere deep inside our souls. I know we can do it, we simply have to do it.

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Second round elections…


My mind is ajumbled. Yeah, I know; that’s not really a word, but I bet you got
my meaning just fine!

Lately I have been preoccupied with the second round of presidential elections
that is taking place in my country tomorrow. Tomorrow, the 3rd month
anniversary of my mother’s passing, is also Easter Sunday. I have had plenty of
time and opportunity in the last couple of days for deep reflection and decision-
making. I will be voting for the candidate I feel is best suited and prepared
for the job.  I go from hopeful to desperate when thinking about what my fellow
patriots might do. Many people are returning from the beach early or catching
an airplane from overseas to vote because these elections are that important. This
campaign has been called “the campaign of hate” and in a country that is known
for our Pura Vida attitude and peaceful nature, it is a label that does not fit in
well with what we think of ourselves. I can’t wait until Monday, the day after, so
we can begin to work on all the things that need fixing regardless of who wins.

I have been watching a baseball game for the last couple of hours. I love baseball
but today, I will be the first to admit, it does take a long time…in fact, with all the
technology available these days and the slow connection I have at home, I actually
know from my phone what the television is about to tell me…if I were a dishonest
betting person…the Jays and Yankees are tied right now, bottom of the 7th. I’m
a Yankee fan and this year we have a strong, young team that is a pleasure to watch.

Our preparation for Easter Sunday is unlike any we have had in recent years. We are
doing NOTHING special although I did promise my husband I will make a lovely
batter so he can make us pancakes tomorrow to accompany our bacon and yummy
coffee.  There are no children at home right now, and I am dieting, so that means
there are no chocolate eggs or fancy desserts. Funny, every once in a while I miss
unwrapping a pastel colored Hershey kiss but when I think about how good it feels
to be able to zip and button my pants, I console myself with the thought that it is
only a temporary sacrifice. After I lose the weight this time, I intend to eat mind-
fully and not gain it back.

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