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Change the mattress…


My daughter has had trouble sleeping for a long time. I used to think it
was because of college and all the stress that goes with it. Recently, she
requested a new bed frame, at a total cost of $49. I thought the request was
very reasonable and then I began to think about the condition of the bed that
she was sleeping in, remembering that the mattress and its box spring are the
same ones I slept in more than 30 years ago.

Why don’t you buy a new mattress? I asked. Do you know how expensive they are,
she balked! I replied that I was planning on paying for it, I know it is a
major expense that a recent college graduate like herself could not afford right
now and I felt terribly guilty that the idea had not occurred to me sooner.
Well, I won’t bore readers with the steps that took place between my approval and
her actually getting the new mattress and box spring all set up, suffice it to say
that it took a lot of back and forth since we are living in different countries and
time zones.

She set everything up over the weekend. This morning I asked her if she had slept
well and she replied with a resounding and energetic YES! The best ever, momma,

I am happy this situation had a happy ending but can’t forgive myself just yet for
my lack of awareness. Poor kid!

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A great Saturday!


There are few things I enjoy more than being able to play a chord or two on my guitar. I am very glad that I have continued this little project of learning at least one song per month. So far, I am practicing more than last year and it shows.

Back in 1988 or so, I was very actively pursuing my college degree as an older student (33). I can remember feeling exactly like the 20 year olds who were my classmates but sensing that they did not exactly feel the same way about me. I guess I can’t blame them, 33 seemed old to a 20 year old…I am
now close to 60 and many of the people I interact with are in their mid-20’s! I can’t really recall when I stopped thinking about age as a number and feel it is more of an attitude. The young people don’t seem to care and in many ways, the interests we share transcend mere numbers or wrinkles. I am glad for them in my life for they bring the optimism of youth so often lacking in people of my own age.

I feel wonderful today, more connected to my surroundings than I have in a long time. Our daughter headed back to her campus today and although I will miss her terribly and vice versa, we are each involved in many things and don’t give ourselves the room to pity our situation. It is always terrific to be together again and catch up. And with Skype and cell phones, communications can be frequent and instantaneous if we choose.

For today, I am keeping my eye on my goal and enjoying the voyage.