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A day of solitude


As I look over the stats that WordPress provides, I can see that I have
been rather ‘delinquent’ in my postings on this blog in the month of January.
But just because I’ve been absent here does not mean that I have not been writing.
I have been writing and also dedicating some time to my lovely home and my active

Yesterday was particularly satisfying, a chance to reconnect with a part of myself
that has long been neglected. Today I am looking forward to spending a lot of the
day alone, not lonely and perhaps I can take out pen and paper and jot down the real
projects I want to get done this year. The first thing I need to do is visit my
tiny coffee plantation with a view to determine what can be done for it that will
restore (or rather bring up to) it to a good place. I am ashamed that I rarely
take time to walk around the magnificent property I am privileged to own.


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