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I’ve been learning to play the guitar for about two years now. I am not where I should be of course but I am glad that I have stuck with it and now know most of the major chords, including the dreaded F chord which is the undoing of many a would-be guitarist. Right now I am listening to a youtube segment of the Spanish Guitar which at once inspires and intimidates me…I can strum pretty well but the finger picking is something I have not mastered and am a bit afraid of. My goal for 2016 was to master the F chord which I will say I more of less did. For 2017 it is all about finger picking. and why not???

I admire people who don’t give up and hope that I can be an inspiration for someone one day.

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Where do we go from here?


obese youngster clipartHello Friends,

This blog is a departure from the kinds of writing I usually do.  I am not sure
exactly where it will go from here.


I wrote the previous sentence more than 8 months ago when I was just about to
“quit” my on-line subscription to Weight Watchers…which had proven to be
a successful tool in my umpteenth attempt to lose weight and then suddenly lost
its appeal and I felt I could not justify monthly payments to something I was not
really respecting!

I stopped weighing myself in May, figuring I already knew the number and was
going to attempt to forget about dieting and just eat ‘what I wanted reasonably’
and ‘naturally’ get back to my normal weight (a number I have not seen in 15 years!).

My weight did not ‘naturally’ normalize, in fact, as many yo-yo dieters know, my
weight actually went up.  I am not sure how much but as I have gone up two sizes,
I think it is safe to say I have gained about 10 pounds since May.

The holidays have come and gone.  Today is December 31st.  I have made a promise
to myself that I will turn 60 (in September) weighing LESS than I do today.  Although
I have a magic number in my head, there is nothing magic about weight loss and I need
to record and make it public so that I will hold myself accountable for my promise.

Best wishes to all on a wonderful 2015, filled with surprises and lots of success in whatever
areas of your life need tweaking!