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Holy Thursday


Today is a quiet day in my neighborhood. It is Holy Thursday and in my country, it is observed as part of a very solemn time of the year, Holy Week..

Imagine my surprise today when I found that my office telephone and internet were not working! I placed the call to the server, imagining the earliest day they could fix it would be Monday. Instead, I received a phone call moments later from a technician who wanted to come and see what the problem was. I cannot express how grateful I am to this young man who not only came to see and assess the situation, but also fixed it promptly and provided me with a modem that had built-in wifi, saving me the trouble of having to set up a separate appointment with the office. Things are so good right now I am able to type today’s blog post on my tiny, iPad which I have never been able to use in my office before because I didn’t have wifi and the iPad doesn’t have any possibilities besides wifi for internet!

The only drawback is that my iPad is truly a mini!! A tiny, cute little thing with an attached keyboard which I can never regret getting. At my age (61) I am still enjoying getting to know new technologies. May I always be competent to do so.

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