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I missed a day!


I mean (a common way to start a sentence these days, I notice), I can’t believe after
making a real concerted effort to write every day in this blog, I simply forgot to sit
at the computer long enough yesterday to actually do so! The night before I was so
tired I just wrote a few sentences so as not to break the rhythm.

I have no excuse for yesterday except that I was watching Werner Herzog’s docu-
mentary “Lo and Behold” and there was a segment in it about addictions to the
internet (not worried since I am not really an addictive personality [so, why am
I fat?]) which prompted me to ignore my phone, tablet and computer for a few
hours. Then life got in the way and here it is March 4th and I am almost running
out the door to attend the local Bingo activity which I promised to work at.

My luck at Bingo has never been very good. I fluctuate between actually paying
attention and marking the card or being so entertained by people’s behaviours that
I simply sit back and enjoy the show.

Whatever happens today, I know that I will be very entertained. Right now, I need to
dash off and start getting ready to go.

A great Sunday awaits us all.


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