Writing every single day!


I live in a beautiful, tropical country that has a lot going for it. My home is in
the rural part of the country but every so often I venture out to the “concrete jungle”
that is not so concrete because it is surrounded by palm trees and mountains. I absolutely
thrive in the tropics though I can understand fully when people say they are not as
productive as they are when they live in North America or anywhere that the seasons do
eventually become harsh!

Yesterday I went to the city in the company of two of my friends who wanted to celebrate a
recent accomplishment of mine which was to terminate a local e-magazine that I had been
editing, publishing and writing in for the last decade. It was a wonderful outing which
made me realize how much of the world I am missing by sitting at home and just trying to
focus on my writing. There is a whole world out there that merits being looked into so that
it might one day add color and character to some of the individuals I write about every day.

Although I do not write in this blog on a daily basis (something I am looking to change), I
do write every single day about something…

Now back to my main character whose profile needs to be revamped, improved or something.
Happy writing to all of you who do so and happy reading to those who take the time to follow
fellow bloggers!

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