A great way to be greeted on a Monday!



I have the world’s most amazing husband! I am sure many of you
would disagree but I know what I know 🙂

My husband brings me coffee and fruit before I am even out of bed each day.
I never know what kind of fruit is going to be presented to me but I know
it will be cut perfectly and that I will enjoy it immensely. After my
fruit and first cup of coffee, I make my way to the pool and do my laps.
While I am doing my 40 laps, I go into a sort of zone since the way I swim
can never be called competitive. It takes me a while to do my 40 laps but
speed is not the object, it is to make that connection with my surroundings
and then get ready for the day.

I am fortunate. My life is such that I no longer have to rush to get kids
out to school, or get on public transportation to get to work. Although I
do consider myself lucky, I also realize that it has taken a lot of years and
a lot of work to get to this point.

I began this blog to dissect every single thought about weight (or in my case
overweight) so that I could finally come up with the one true reason a normal
weight for my size has eluded me for the last 15 years or so. However, I
have noticed that I no longer feel compelled to examine the reasons but rather
I am eager to accept myself where I am at the moment, to forgive myself for the
times I ‘slip up’ but mostly to understand that the weight is hanging around due
to some unexplained reason and that maybe I just need to be steady in my efforts
and things will change.

Imagine my surprise when I opened my email this morning and found that 14 new
people looked at my blog. That’s amazing…

About marisundays

Commitment to living the best life I can has always driven me to seek out a personal development path. I believe in the power we each have to make a difference in the world but I also accept that most people are not interested or courageous enough to travel unfamiliar paths. I am motivated to help others see their own power so that together we can build a world we can be proud of and happy to live in.

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