Staying the course!


I am determined that this will be a good week.

I am getting over a rather severe heat rash in an uncomfortable part of
my body and which has no doubt been exacerbated by stress. I do believe
in the power of suggestion and my mind is oftentimes gripped in the
tentacles of hipochondria. After realizing that only time will heal
the rash completely, I am trying to relax and turn my attention to the
many other things I have to do.

My nutrition has been set back in the last 10 days or so but I am confident
I can get back on track soon.

About marisundays

Commitment to living the best life I can has always driven me to seek out a personal development path. I believe in the power we each have to make a difference in the world but I also accept that most people are not interested or courageous enough to travel unfamiliar paths. I am motivated to help others see their own power so that together we can build a world we can be proud of and happy to live in.

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